Consortium collaborates with our clients to bring to develop the skills, experience and tools needed to build your organization’s capacity to innovate, improve, and scale.

Needs Assessment/Quality Reviews

 Objective on-site reviews of academic programs conducted through document review, classroom observation, and interviews/focus groups. 

Cultural Competency  

Center your team with a set of behaviors, policies, and attitudes which form a system or agency which allows cross-cultural groups to effectively work professionally in situations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Lift up leadership, staff and members who represent communities directly impacted by the injustice of educational inequity.

Emotional Intelligence 

Use 5 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence to that help students and adults become  positive contributors to society

Leadership Coaching

Equip leadership with a set of tools and strategies to meet and exceed defined goals, through a series of in-person and virtual touch points,

School Improvement 

Improvement Services through building culture and climate, strategic planning and teacher coaching. 

Consortium supports our clients through face-to-face and virtual training sessions.  We collaborate with our clients to build a portfolio of training practices that aligns to their values and needs. 

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